B Arch

Bachelor of Architecture

Our B.Arch. degree is one of the most respected architecture credentials in Maharashtra. Our curriculum unites design excellence with technical expertise—a tradition embodied by the landmark campus that surrounds us. Centered around 3 major cities, our teaching is grounded in making. In our studios and in our classrooms we connect the art of architectural thinking to the realities of construction.

Our faculty is comprised of award-winning architects, engineers, and scholars from around the world. With their help, our students develop a deep understanding of design, materials, structures, and architectural history. Our project-based design studios integrate innovative building materials and advanced digital technologies with sustainable design, collaborative thinking, and professional practice.

Our B.Arch. program is a five-year undergraduate degree —allowing our graduates to become licensed architects without additional degrees.


Since its founding, our college has had longstanding and deep relationships with professional practice. Today, many architectural firms have committed to providing a unique opportunity for our students: Paid internships pledged to JJM students only.


In support of our top students,Dr. Prabha J. Magdum Scholarship helps recognize creativity, ingenuity, and a desire to study architecture.

All government scholarships are available for students.