A Library Is A Place , Vibrating With Ides!


Library in JJMCOA has open access system. Library is with over 400 books including text books, reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, code books, and data sources books. JJMCOA Library also has bound volumes, thesis, research report, periodicals; and also has audiovisual materials such as CD, DVD, etc. National and international journals, famous books in digital as well as printed format are available. It has internet facility and a large collection of audio and video facilities. A comprehensive, bar coded, computerized library and reading hall equipped with internet connection, email facility, audio video CD and DVD, national and international journals, books in digital format and photocopying facilities are also available.


Borrowing privileges are extended to eligible users with the understanding that they will utilize the holdings responsibly. As such, users are expected to handle borrowed materials safely, return them on time, understand and follow policies, and respect staff and patrons. Please note that borrowing privileges may be revoked if in the opinion of  staff, a user abuses  materials, staff, or the privilege itself. Please note that all outstanding fines and penalties accrued by patrons are recorded.

Eligible Users:

Eligible users are: JJMCOA community, including faculty, students, staff, alumni, and authorized visiting scholars.